Boost Your Brand

Contrast Web's development work on the Tag Strategies Boost Your Brand
new business development campaign.

Tag Strategies Boost Your Brand Landing Page


Advancements in web technologies are creating new opportunities for brands to measure its returns from marketing initiatives — and these enhanced expectations may inadvertently impact traditional agencies who utilize outdated methodologies.

Our experiences as project collaborators for local and international advertising, creative, branding and communication agencies has allowed us to identify a need for a new type of technical partner: The business savvy and goal-focused web agency that acts as the strategy curator, designer/developer of the web marketing product, and right hand for all technical matters.

In mid 2014, Contrast Web launched its Digitize Your Agency program, which aims to fill that gap by sparking new relationships between agencies and Contrast Web — and drive new confidence for brands to deliver goal-focused web marketing products, yield higher margins, increase digital / internet billings and grow into uncharted areas.

Shortly after the launch of the program, we initiated some preliminary discussions with potential partners which were interested in working with us. Tag Strategies, a branding agency located in Philadelphia reached out to us with a pilot campaign landing page development proposal named “Boost Your Brand”.

The goals of the lead generation landing page were:

    • 1 Emit a branded experience around the theme of the campaign.
    • 2 Convert the visitor via a scheduling form.

We saw opportunity to create a product that not only surpassed the expectations of Tag Strategies’ organization, but also to advise on some important best practices surrounding the practice of email marketing.

Many of our agency partners have the necessary resources / capabilities to produce some portions of the product, therefore with goals to help our partners produce products at higher margins / lower costs, we’re open for collaborative distributions of the scope of work.

With the preliminary user experience sketched, Tag Strategies’ talent went ahead and provided us a visual design which we scanned over for functional errors. Our team then moved ahead to write the X-axis fluid HTML/CSS markup and related Javascript code:

    • CSS based twinkling in stars.
    • CSS based emitting rays.
    • CSS based rings and elements.
    • Javascript based rocket launch on Y-axis scroll.
    • Javascript based parallax element shifts.
    • Javascript based error reporting on form submit.
    • Javascript based calendar date picker for scheduling.
    • AJAX form submission for “refreshless” experience.
    • Google analytics goal setup and conversion tracking.
    • Retina display optimization.

In anticipation to enhance the scheduling experience both for the visitor and for the Tag Strategies organization, we implemented a real-time Google Calendar sync via the Google Developers API, which allowed the landing page to:

    • Pull Google Calendar availabilities from the Tag Strategies’ new business developer’s calendar.
    • Push the unavailable days into the Javascript based calendar date picker on the landing page - minimizing the likelihood of having to exchange emails back-and-forth.

We invite you to click on the “View Project” at the top of the page to preview the project!

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